How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Astra Militarum by Games Workshop

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Astra Militarum

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2014-04-12
  • Genre: Bricolage e hobby
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The Astra Militarum is an army of regimentation and proud tradition, with soldiers drawn from across the length and breadth of the Imperium. Their uniforms and iconography reflect this strict adherence to military organisation, and whether it is the Scions of the Militarum Tempestus, the Imperial Guardsmen of Cadia or the tanks of an armoured formation, each bears the colours and symbols of regiment, company and squad. When these armies of the Emperor march into battle it is under banners heavy with glory and with a history proudly displayed upon armour and uniform. To many officers of the Astra Militarum the presentation of his men is equally as important as their performance in battle; after all, how can you kill the foes of the Emperor if you can’t polish your own boots!

About this book:
How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Astra Militarum presents detailed painting guides for some of the iconic Astra Militarum units, including Ogryns, Militarum Tempestus Guardsmen, the Hydra Flak Tank, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Militarum Taurox, and more. Each of these stage-by-stage guides goes into impressive detail on the colours, icons and uniforms of the Astra Militarum, allowing you to create a visually striking army for your tabletop.